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RTIC 65 QT Hard Sided Cooler

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The RTIC 65 QT Hard Sided Cooler is one of the best large RTIC coolers on the market. Ideal for fishing, hunting, or camping.


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Not only is the RTIC cooler one of the best large coolers on the market, but it’s also perfect for marine, hunting, and camping trips. It’s still small enough to be carried by one person, making it ideal for solo adventures. Plus, it can hold up to 64 cans of your favorite beverage plus ice, so you’ll never go thirsty. And with a weight of only 36 pounds, it won’t weigh you down either. So whether you’re headed out for a weekend in the woods or a week-long fishing expedition, make sure to bring along your trusty RTIC cooler.

Specification: RTIC 65 QT Hard Sided Cooler


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RTIC Outdoors

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