Burton Family Tree Straight Chuter Snowboard

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The Burton Family Tree Straight Chuter Snowboard is the perfect choice for riders who want a versatile and easy-to-ride board. With its freeride directional shape, twin freestyle stance, and 18mm taper, this board is perfect for riding in any condition. The directional camber bend provides stability and floatation through deep-diving turns and variable conditions, while therockered nose adds lift for increased float. The Dragonfly 600g core with multizone egd provides the perfect blend of lightweight performance and durability, making this board a great choice for any rider.


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A Closer Look at the Burton Family Tree Straight Chuter Snowboard

Are you looking for a snowboard that can handle whatever terrain you throw its way? Then look no further than the Burton Family Tree Straight Chuter Snowboard. This board is designed to take on any kind of mountain—from powdery slopes to icy runs. So, let’s take a closer look at why this board should be your go-to when it comes to winter sports.

Shape and Flex Profile
The Burton Family Tree Straight Chuter Snowboard features an asymmetrical shape, which means it allows for greater control and better pop in turns. The nose is longer than the tail, giving riders more power when pushing off onto their edges. Additionally, the board has a directional flex profile for increased stability and response. The stiffer nose absorbs more of the impact from bumps in the terrain while the softer tail helps keep you afloat in deep powder.

Camber Profile
The camber profile of this board is also key to its performance. It’s got a hybrid rocker/camber profile with a rockered tip and tail and traditional camber through the center of the board, providing riders with more control over their turns while still allowing them to float on top of deeper snow. This combination provides great edge hold and plenty of pop for getting air off jumps or natural features in your path.

Construction Materials
Burton’s familiar SuperFly II core is featured in this model, which provides plenty of response without adding extra weight or sacrificing strength. The core is made up of sustainably harvested wood from North American forests and uses vertical laminations instead of horizontal ones to provide extra durability while keeping weight down. Additionally, this board utilizes Triax glass fibers that are layered around the core for extra torsional stiffness and response during hard landings or high speeds. Finally, sintered WFO base materials provide maximum wax absorption and durability so you don’t have to worry about repairs every season or two like some other boards require.

Our Thoughts?

The Burton Family Tree Straight Chuter Snowboard is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable all-mountain ride that won’t break the bank but still offers top performance on any kind of terrain. With its hybrid rocker/camber profile, SuperFly II core construction, Triax glass fibers and WFO base materials, this board will keep you gliding smoothly down any slope with ease! If you’re looking for a reliable snowboard that won’t let you down no matter what challenges come your way, then check out the Burton Family Tree Straight Chuter today!

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