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Burton Men’s Custom Flying V Snowboard

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The Burton Men’s Custom Flying V Snowboard is the perfect choice for intermediate to advanced level riders who want a versatile and powerful board that can handle any condition the mountain throws at it. Featuring Burton’s Flying V design, this board combines the carving and precision benefits of camber with the floatiness and maneuverability of an overall rocker, making it ideal for any terrain. The lightweight core construction is durable and nimble, yet strong enough to charge through any condition. As playful as it is aggressive, the Custom Flying V is equipped with fine-tuned technology that makes it excel on the snow. Trust the Custom Flying V to give you the all-terrain performance you need to ride with confidence no matter where you go.


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The Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard – Performance and Style in One Package

Are you looking for a snowboard that combines the best of both performance and style? Look no further than the Burton Men’s Custom Flying V Snowboard. With its mellow camber, directional shape, and balanced flex, this board is designed to take your snowboarding game to the next level. Let’s find out what makes it so special.

Performance Features
The Burton Men’s Custom Flying V Snowboard is designed with a directional shape, which gives you superior control over how your board performs on the slopes. Its mellow camber provides ample pop for jumps and tricks, while its balanced flex allows for smooth turns without sacrificing stability or power. This board also features Burton’s exclusive Infinite Ride technology—a process in which the board is broken in before it leaves the factory, ensuring that it will remain flexible and responsive season after season.

Style Features
The snowboard isn’t just about performance; it also looks great on the slopes! Its stylish graphics give this board an eye-catching look that will have heads turning as you ride by. The board also comes with a full length contour base that boosts speed and provides extra grip when needed. In addition, its durable Super Fly core ensures long-lasting strength and reliability.

Our Thoughts?

With its combination of performance features like directional shape, mellow camber, and Infinite Ride technology plus its eye-catching graphics, the Burton Men’s Custom Flying V Snowboard is perfect for customers who want both style and performance from their boards. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider looking for a new challenge, this board delivers quality performance at an affordable price point. So if you’re ready to take your snowboarding game to the next level, then look no further than the Burton Men’s Custom Flying V Snowboard!

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