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Burton Men’s Custom X Snowboard

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The Burton Men’s Custom X Snowboard: Performance and Precision

For those looking for a performance-driven, all-mountain snowboard, look no further than the Burton Men’s Custom X Snowboard. This board has been designed with precision and power in mind to give you the confidence you need when riding on various terrains. From park to powder, groomers to backcountry, this board will not skip a beat. Let’s break down the features that make this board such a powerful choice.

The Flex Pattern
This board comes with an aggressive flex pattern that is stiffer than other boards in the lineup. This provides an extra level of stability, control, and power when turning and carving at high speeds. However, it still provides plenty of pop at the back end so you can take off with ease. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just getting started on your snowboarding journey, this flex pattern will ensure you are able to ride confidently and safely.

The Design
The design of this board is all-mountain directional which means it has a slightly longer nose than tail. This allows for plenty of float and control over various terrain as well as better maneuverability for turning tight corners or taking off from steep inclines. The shape also helps increase stability on hard packed snow as well as deep powdery slopes—making it ideal for any condition the mountain throws at you!

The Tech
Where this Board really shines is its tech specs. It comes equipped with Carbon I-Beam along with Squeezebox core profiling which gives it extra strength underfoot while still providing enough flexibility to maneuver without compromising its pop at the back end. Additionally, Frostbite Edges provide more grip on icy surfaces while Jumper Cables provide increased pop when needed most. All these features combined create a responsive Board that is sure to exceed expectations in terms of performance and precision.

Our Thoughts?

For those looking for a powerful all-mountain snowboard that won’t skip a beat no matter where you go on the mountain, then look no further than the Burton Men’s Custom X Snowboard! With its stiff and aggressive flex pattern, directional shape for plenty of float & control over terrain, and tech specs overflowing with innovative features like Carbon I-Beam & Squeezebox core profiling; this board is sure to provide customers with pro-caliber speed & precision every time they hit the slopes! So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one today and experience why it’s become one of Burton’s most popular boards!

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