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Jones Frontier Snowboard

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The Jones Frontier Snowboard: A Comprehensive Overview

If you’re looking for a reliable snowboard that packs a punch, the Jones Frontier Snowboard is worth your consideration. This board is designed to provide the best performance possible on all types of terrain, from groomers to powder. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of this board in detail.

Directional Shape and Flex Pattern
The Jones Frontier Snowboard has a directional shape and flex pattern which enhances its performance on different kinds of terrain. The blunt nose helps to keep your weight centered on the board, making it easier to maneuver in any direction. It also helps when riding in powder as it provides extra float without losing any speed or stability.

V-Core and Traction Tech 2.0 Technology
The V-Core construction of the Jones Frontier Snowboard ensures that it is lightweight yet sturdy at the same time. Additionally, the Traction Tech 2.0 technology gives you extra grip on icy surfaces so you don’t lose your footing while riding down steep slopes or icy runs. This feature also makes it easier to turn in tight corners without having to worry about slipping or sliding out of control.

Progressive Sidecut and Biax Fiberglass
The progressive sidecut design allows for smooth turns with minimal effort, making it ideal for all levels of riders from beginners to experts alike. The biax fiberglass adds an extra layer of stiffness and strength which helps improve response time while also absorbing shock from hard landings and rough terrain.

Sintered 8000 Base, Eco-Plastic Topsheet & Oversized Recycled Edges
The sintered 8000 base ensures that you get plenty of speed while still maintaining great edge hold even on icy surfaces. The eco-plastic topsheet increases durability while reducing weight, and the oversized recycled edges help keep you stable while carving across hardpack snow or ice. Finally, Wend natural wax keeps your board running smooth with minimal maintenance required.

Our Thoughts?

All in all, the Jones Frontier Snowboard is well-equipped with an impressive array of features that allow it to handle whatever conditions come its way with ease and finesse. Its directional shape and flex pattern make it easy to maneuver in any direction while its V-core construction keeps it lightweight yet sturdy enough for hard landings or rough terrain without compromising performance or speed. With its traction tech 2.0 technology, biax fiberglass, sintered 8000base, eco-plastic topsheet, oversized recycled edges,and wend natural wax – this board is sure to deliver excellent performance no matter where your rides take you!

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