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Jones Mind Expander Snowboard

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Introducing the Jones Mind Expander SnowBoard; the perfect match for any level of skiing. With a directional shape, flex pattern and V-core, this is your ideal companion when heading to the slopes. Traction Tech 2.0 ensures maximum response and control, while the progressive sidecut establishes precise edge engagement for easy carves and turns. This high-performance board is also equipped with high-end materials—including biax fiberglass and sintered 8000 base—for lightweight support during jumps and tricks.


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Get Ready to Ride with the Jones Mind Expander Snowboard

Are you ready to take your snowboarding experience to the next level? Look no further than the Jones Mind Expander Snowboard. From its directional shape and flex pattern to its sustainable construction, this board will give you the confidence and control you need to shred any mountain. Let’s dive into what makes this board so special.

Directional Shape and Flex Pattern

The Jones Mind Expander Snowboard is designed with a directional shape that helps riders of all levels get the most out of their ride. This shape is combined with a directional flex pattern that provides just the right amount of power for carving down steep slopes or popping off jumps. It also helps maintain control in icy, unpredictable terrain.

Sustainable Construction & Performance Features

The Jones Mind Expander Snowboard is built with sustainability in mind. It features eco-plastic topsheet and stringers made from Flax/Basalt fibers, as well as recycled edges and rounded ABS material in strategic locations for added stability when carving or jumping. Other performance features include V-core technology for increased stability and Traction Tech 2.0 for enhanced edge grip, plus a sintered 8000 base which adds speed on hardpack conditions and powder alike. Plus, it offers Carving Pack inserts that allow riders to customize their stance widths and angles depending on their preferences.

Our Thoughts?

If you’re looking for a board that can help elevate your snowboarding experience without sacrificing performance, then look no further than the Jones Mind Expander Snowboard. Its directional shape and flex pattern provide just the right amount of power while its sustainable construction gives you peace of mind that your ride won’t come at the expense of Mother Nature. Thanks to its innovative design, this board is sure to help you reach new heights on any mountain!

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