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Jones Mind Expander Twin Snowboard

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The Jones Mind Expander Twin Snowboard is the perfect board for those who want to push their riding to the next level. With a directional twin flex pattern and a blunt nose, this board is designed for freeride and freestyle riding. The V-core provides the perfect balance of pop and stability, while the Traction Tech 3.5 ensures you have grip when you need it most. The ECO-Plastic topsheet is environmentally friendly and sustainable, while the recycled edges and rounded ABS provide maximum durability. If you’re looking for a board that can do it all, the Jones Mind Expander Twin Snowboard is the perfect choice.


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The Jones Mind Expander Twin Snowboard: A Comprehensive Review

Are you looking for a versatile snowboard that can take you from the park to backcountry with ease? If so, then look no further than the Jones Mind Expander Twin Snowboard. This board blends the best of both worlds—park and powder—into one ride that’s sure to please. Let’s dive into this comprehensive review and see what makes this snowboard so special.

Shape and Profile
The Jones Mind Expander is designed as a directional twin with an asymmetric sidecut and flex pattern. This means that while it’s symmetrical in length, there are subtle differences between its nose and tail. Asymmetric designs help riders transition more easily from edge to edge regardless of which way they’re riding, making it ideal for all-mountain terrain. Additionally, this board is designed with a slightly rockered profile, which helps it float better in powder without sacrificing pop or stability on hardpack snow.

This board is built using Jones’ Eco-Plastic topsheet which reduces plastic waste by using only half as much material as traditional boards do. Additionally, this topsheet is made from recycled material that helps reduce your carbon footprint when you’re out riding on the slopes. The core of the Mind Expander is constructed from poplar wood and bamboo stringers for lightweight strength and durability. Finally, the base is made from sintered 7200 base material for fast glide speed on all kinds of terrain.

The Mind Expender truly shines in deep powder due to its directional shape combined with its rockered profile which helps keep it afloat even in the thickest of powder stashes. However, this board still performs well on groomers thanks to its stiffer flex pattern which provides plenty of stability at high speeds while still allowing enough flexibility to perform tricks in the park or pipe. Ultimately, this board offers something for everyone regardless of their skill level or riding style!

Our Thoughts?

The Jones Mind Expander Twin Snowboard offers an amazing blend of performance features that make it suitable for any type of rider or terrain type imaginable! Its directional twin shape combined with its rockered profile make it great for floating through deep powder while still providing excellent performance on hardpack snow and in parks or pipes. Plus, its eco-friendly construction will make you feel good about reducing your carbon footprint when you hit the slopes! If you’re looking for a versatile all-mountain board that can handle anything you throw at it, then be sure to check out the Jones Mind Expander Twin Snowboard today!

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