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Jones Stratos Splitboard

The Jones Stratos Splitboard has a tapered shape and directional flex pattern, it’s stable and responsive at high speeds, while the blunt nose provides plenty of float in powder. The boltless bridge and In and Out traction tech make it easy to adjust your stance on the go, while the 3.0 progressive sidecut ensures precise turn initiation. The textured ECO-plastic topsheet is durable and sustainable, and the flax/basalt stringers add even more strength and pop. The oversized recycled edges provide great grip on hard snow, while the inner thin recycled edges help reduce weight. The recycled ABS Karakoram ultra clips 2.0 with Tip-Lock keep your boots securely in place, and the stainless steel reinforcement adds even more durability.


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The Jones Stratos Splitboard is the perfect choice for those looking for a top-quality, eco-friendly splitboard. With its tapered shape and 10mm directional flex pattern, the Stratos is ideal for powder days and backcountry excursions. The blunt nose and boltless bridge provide superior traction and stability, while the progressive sidecut ensures easy turning and carving. The textured ECO-plastic topsheet provides a durable, sustainable surface that is also easy on the eyes. The Flax/Basalt stringers add to the board’s overall strength and durability, while the oversized recycled edges provide incredible grip and control. The inner thin recycled edges round out the board’s construction, providing a lightweight yet sturdy frame. Finally, the Karakoram ultra clips 2.0 with Tip-Lock keep your bindings secure while you ride.

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