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Stranger Things Chrissy Costume

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Get Ready for Stranger Things with the Chrissy Cunningham Cheerleader Costume

One of the most iconic characters in Stranger Things is Chrissy Cunningham, the head cheerleader at Hawkins High. With her classic look and upbeat attitude, she’s a role model for many tweens and teenagers. Now, you can help your child emulate their favorite character with this officially licensed two-piece ensemble from the fourth season of Stranger Things. Let’s take a look at what makes this costume so special!

The Skirt
This pleated green skirt falls just above the knee and features a white and golden-yellow varsity stripe along the hemline. It brings to mind those classic high school athletics looks that many of us remember from our own days in high school. The skirt pairs perfectly with the color-blocked sleeveless top. The top has a high V-neckline and an image of a megaphone across it diagonally with HHS (Hawkins High School) printed on it.

The Design Details
The costume designers really went all out to make this look as authentic as possible. All of the design details are deliberately chosen to evoke memories of Hawkins High and its cheer team. From the pleats in the skirt to the stripes along its hemline, everything about this costume screams “it’s gonna be a great year!” Your kiddo is sure to have an amazing time playing dress up with their friends or even on their own!

If you want to make your kiddo’s experience even more complete, you can add some accessories like white sneaker shoes, pom poms, or even a matching hair bow for that extra bit of detail. These additional items will help them truly embody Chrissy Cunningham and enjoy every minute of “stranger things” fun!

Our Thoughts?

So if your tween loves Stranger Things, bring them into Hawkins High with this officially licensed two-piece ensemble modeled after Chrissy Cunningham’s cheerleader costume! It brings back all those nostalgia vibes while still looking modern enough for today’s trends. Get ready to let your child explore their creativity – they’re sure to love it! Don’t forget accessories like white sneaker shoes, pom poms, or even matching hair bows for that extra dose of authenticity too! Bring on the stranger things fun!

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