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Stranger Things Pink Dress Eleven Costume

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Get the Perfect Look with the Stranger Things Pink Dress Eleven Costume

Are you a fan of the Netflix hit show Stranger Things? If you are, then you’ve likely dreamed of being one of the characters. Now, with officially licensed Stranger Things costumes, you get to step into the role of Eleven, so you can protect Hawkins with your 80s style sense! Let’s take a look at all that this costume has to offer.

Product Details

This Stranger Things Deluxe Pink Dress Costume helps you turn into one of the main characters from the Netflix series. This women’s costume begins with a light pink dress, modeled after the one worn by Eleven in the first season. The pink dress has a textured front and an elastic band at the waist to help provide a comfortable fit. The white collar around the neck gives it a classic, Sunday brunch style, perfect for fitting in with the rest of the citizens of Hawkins. Finally, to make sure you get an authentic look, this costume comes with a pair of socks. They have green and yellow stripes that match Eleven’s beloved outfit from season 1.


In addition to this costume set, there are other accessories available to complete your transformation into Eleven. For example, if you want your hair to look like El’s iconic ‘80s doo, there is a wig accessory that will give you just that look. There is also an Eggo waffle accessory so that even when Eleven isn’t around, people won’t forget her favorite snack! With these accessories included in your purchase package, there is no doubt that everyone will know who you are dressing up as when they see you sporting this costume at Halloween or any other costumed gathering!

Our Thoughts?

The Stranger Things Pink Dress Eleven Costume is perfect for anyone looking to become their favorite character from Netflix’s hit show! This officially licensed costume includes everything needed to recreate El’s classic ’80s style—from her signature pink dress and white collar down to her green-and-yellow striped socks. Best of all, there are additional accessories available so that your ensemble looks as authentic as possible! So if you’re ready to become part of Hawkins’ gang and protect it from whatever supernatural threats come its way—this is definitely the right choice for you!

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