The 10 Best Stranger Things Costumes

1 Stranger Things Video Stop Steve Costume

Stranger Things Video Stop Steve Costume

Introducing the Stranger Things Video Stop Steve Costume! Relive the iconic scenes from Season 4 of the hit Netflix show with this quick-and-easy transformation. The shirt base has a collar and is detailed with stripes that look like they came right out of the '80s. The green vest is attached and shows Steve's orange name tag and the Video Stop logo. Tuck it in your own trousers for a professional look or go untucked for a more heroic edge! All you'll need next is to choose one of our dark wigs so you won't have to work out Steve's unique hairstyle process. (Trust us—it did not work so well for Dustin!)
2 Stranger Things Hopper Costume

Stranger Things Hopper Costume

The Stranger Things Hopper Costume! This costume is perfect for fans of the popular Netflix show who want to emulate Jim Hopper's style from Season Four. The blue jacket is made from slightly puffed fabric and has a folded-over collar, just like Hop's jacket from the show. It also has decorative buttons down the front and a patch on the right shoulder, adding to the authenticity of the costume. The gray hat has fluffy flaps that cover both ears, completing the look. Just add your favorite pair of shoes or boots and you'll be ready for any adventure!

The 10 Best Stranger Things Costumes for Your Halloween Bash

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start planning your costume! If you’re looking for some inspiration, why not take a cue from Stranger Things? The popular Netflix show has taken the world by storm, and there are plenty of great costume ideas to choose from. Here are 10 of the best Stranger Things costumes to wear this Halloween:

Will Byers: Will is the young boy at the center of the Stranger Things story. He goes missing early on in the first season, and much of the plot revolves around his friends and family searching for him. For your Will Byers costume, you’ll need a button-down shirt, a pair of corduroy pants, and a navy blue jacket. Don’t forget his backpack full of supplies!

Joyce Byers: Joyce is Will’s mother, who will stop at nothing to find her missing son. To recreate her look, you’ll need a short-sleeved blouse, a denim skirt, and a cardigan sweater. Her famous string lights are optional but encouraged!

Dustin Henderson: Dustin is one of Will’s friends, and he’s known for his lovable nerdiness. You can dress up as Dustin with a plaid shirt, high-waisted jeans, and suspenders. A bowl-cut wig is optional but highly recommended.

Lucas Sinclair: Lucas is another one of Will’s friends, and he’s the brains of the operation. To dress up as Lucas, you’ll need a green army jacket, a white t-shirt, and khaki pants. And don’t forget his signature backward baseball cap!

Eleven: Eleven is a mysterious girl with special powers who helps the boys search for Will. For your Eleven costume, you’ll need a pink dress or shirt and leggings, some bleach blonde hair, and fake blood (for her bloody nose).

Mike Wheeler: Mike is one of Will’s friends and the leader of the group. He’s also in love with Eleven! To dress up as Mike, you’ll need a grey t-shirt or sweater, dark wash jeans or corduroys, and Converse sneakers. Don’t forget his iconic baseball hat!

Chief Jim Hopper: Chief Jim Hopper is the town sheriff who becomes involved in the search for Will Byers. You can become Chief Hopper with a denim button-down shirt or jacket over a white t-shirt or thermal. Add some distressed jeans or corduroys and boots to complete the look.

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