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Apollo Air 2023 Electric Scooter

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Apollo Air 2023 Electric Scooter Review

When it comes to navigating the bustling cityscape or seeking a greener commuting alternative, electric scooters emerge as the top option. They’re eco-friendly, compact, and incredibly fun to ride. One such standout in the electric scooter market is the Apollo Air 2023. With its impressive technical specs, safety features, and sleek design, this scooter offers an unrivaled riding experience. Here’s our in-depth review and analysis of the Apollo Air 2023.

Power and Performance

The Air 2023 is a powerhouse, boasting a 500W motor with a top speed of 21 mph. It’s impressively capable of tackling up to 10-degree inclines, a key consideration for those living in hilly areas. Apollo’s careful engineering allows you to choose from three riding modes—Eco, Normal, and Sport—that cater to different speed and distance preferences.

Whether you’re aiming for a leisurely ride at 9 mph with a maximum distance of 34 miles in Eco mode, or chasing adrenaline with a speedy 21 mph for 19 miles in Sport mode, the Apollo Air 2023 is all about your choice.

Battery Life

Powering the Apollo Air 2023 is a 36V 15Ah battery, giving you an impressive maximum travel distance of up to 34 miles, dependent on the riding mode. The battery structure consists of 40 x 21700 (5000 mAh) lithium batteries, proving to be a reliable power source for your daily commutes or weekend adventures.

Charging time is reasonable, with the 42V 1.5A charger replenishing the battery in approximately 5-7 hours. Not to mention, it boasts energy efficiency with a standard power consumption of approximately 1.4kW per 100km. What’s more, Apollo has gone the extra mile to ensure your scooter’s battery remains protected with features like short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, double protection from overcharging, temperature resistance, and undervoltage auto-sleep protection.

Build and Design

The Air 2023 sports a premium design with a 6061 Aircraft-grade aluminum frame, projecting both durability and style. The scooter is dressed in graphite grey with orange accents, making for a sleek yet distinctive aesthetic. This model weighs in at 17.5 kg and is able to support a max rider load of up to 220 lbs, making it accessible to a wide range of riders.

Additional design elements include a helpful LED display showing key riding statistics such as speed, distance, and battery charge. Plus, with an ergonomic thumb-throttle and front dual fork suspension, riders are ensured a comfortable and smooth journey.

Safety and Warranty

Apollo Scooters value safety, equipping the Apollo Air 2023 with a front drum and regenerative brake for reliable stopping power. The scooter also comes with an IP66 water resistance rating, allowing it to handle wet conditions.

Importantly, Apollo backs the Air 2023 with a 12-month limited warranty coverage against manufacturing defects. This, along with their robust education and support resources, reinforces the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

Many customers highlight the Air 2023’s impressive battery life, speed, and comfort. One user commented, “The Apollo Air 2023 is a game-changer. It’s got the power and speed I need, and the battery life is phenomenal.” Another noted the comfort and ease of use, saying, “It’s incredibly easy to navigate, and the comfort levels are unbeatable.”


In comparison to other electric scooters in the market, the Apollo Air 2023’s superior performance, design, and safety features set it apart. While similar models may offer comparable top speeds, the Air 2023’s three riding modes provide a customizable experience that gives it an edge.

Final Verdict in our Apollo Air 2023 Review

All in all, the Apollo Air 2023 electric scooter is a commendable contender in the market. Its top-notch technical specifications, attention to safety, and stylish design make it a fantastic choice for both daily commuting and leisure riding.

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