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Apollo Ghost 2022 Electric Scooter

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The Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter is a powerful and fast scooter with a 1000W motor and a top speed of about 37mph.

Original price was: $1,799.00.Current price is: $1,549.00.

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Apollo Ghost 2022 Electric Scooter: Ride on a Cloud with Maximum Performance and Durability

Are you looking for the ultimate ride? Look no further than the Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter. This powerful electric scooter is packed with features and comes at an affordable price. Featuring two 1000 W motors, it can reach speeds of up to 37 MPH, has a 947 Watt-hour battery that will take you for a ride up to 37 miles, and is built with a reinforced stem and rims made from a stronger aluminum alloy. With adjustable suspension, LED lights, and a maximum weight load of 285 lbs., there’s no better way to get around town or go off-roading than with the Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter.

Powerful Motors & Battery

The Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter is powered by two 1000 W motors that let it reach speeds of up to 37 MPH. The 947 Watt-hour battery gives this scooter range like no other; you can get up to 37 miles in one charge! Whether you’re commuting to work or going out for an adventure, you can be sure that the powerful motors and battery give you more than enough power to get where you need to go.

Comfort & Durability

The dual spring system and adjustable suspension provide extra cushioning when riding on bumps or uneven terrain. You’ll feel like you’re floating on air as you cruise around town! Plus, this scooter is designed for maximum durability; its rims are made from a stronger aluminum alloy and its folding mechanism is sturdier than ever before, making it able to support weights of up to 285 lbs. Lastly, its LED lights on the front, rear, and along the deck make sure that others will always be able see you even in the dark.

Our Thoughts?

The Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter offers a unique combination of power, comfort, durability and visibility – all at an affordable price! With two powerful 1000 W motors powering it along as well as an impressive 947 Watt-hour battery that gives it range up to 37 miles in one charge, this scooter packs some serious punch! And whether it’s getting around town or going off-roading into nature’s beauty spots – rest assured the adjustable suspension and strong rims ensure your ride will be super comfortable while making sure your scooter remains durable during any journey! So don’t wait any longer – explore what the world has to offer with your own Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter today!


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