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Apollo Phantom 2023 V3 Electric Scooter

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Apollo Phantom 2023 V3 Review

In the bustling world of electric scooters, the Apollo Phantom 2023 V3 has emerged as a frontrunner, boasting superior performance, unparalleled comfort, and leading-edge design. This review provides an in-depth exploration of this product, based on technical specifications, comparisons to similar models, and customer testimonials.

Power and Speed

The Apollo Phantom 2023 V3 possesses two 1200W motors, delivering a whopping 2400W of total power. This impressive wattage ensures a top speed of 41 mph, making it one of the fastest e-scooters on the market. While other electric scooters tend to max out at around 20-30 mph, the Apollo Phantom 2023 V3 outpaces the competition, making it a powerful companion for both city commuters and thrill-seekers.

For varying riding modes, the scooter offers a top speed of 15 mph, 25 mph, and an exhilarating 38 mph (or up to 41 mph with Ludo mode enabled). This scooter conquers gradients up to 25 degrees, a testament to its robust power.

Battery Life and Range

Powering the Apollo Phantom 2023 V3 is a 52V 23.4Ah battery. This translates to a remarkable travel distance of up to 40 miles on a single charge. Compared to similar products, like the Ninebot Max which provides a 40.4-mile range, the Phantom V3’s range and battery capacity are highly competitive.

The battery structure consists of 126 x 18650 lithium cells, offering a consistent supply of power. Charging takes approximately 12 hours with the standard 58.8V 2A charger, comparable to other high-range scooters. The Apollo Phantom 2023 V3 is optimized for energy consumption, consuming only 2.2kW per 100km on average.

The scooter’s battery also comes with comprehensive safety features, such as short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, double protection from overcharging, temperature resistance, and undervoltage auto-sleep protection, ensuring a safe and reliable ride every time.

Design and Build Quality

Built with Aerospace Grade Aluminum, the Apollo Phantom 2023 V3 promises durability without compromising on style. Its deep black frame with silver accents give it an elegant, modern look, appealing to those with a taste for sophistication. The scooter comes with a charger, hex key, and manual as part of the package.

The design of the Phantom V3 is not only about aesthetics but functionality as well. It features an LED display with mode controls and riding statistics, a thumb throttle + Regen brake, front & rear disc + Regenerative electronic brake, and a Quadruple Spring System for optimal suspension.

Its pneumatic 10-inch tires promise smooth riding, even on challenging terrains like hard-packed trails. Weighing in at 77 lbs and accommodating a max rider load of 300 lbs, the Phantom is sturdy enough for any rider. Its IP54 water resistance rating implies it can endure splashes and light rain, though it’s not advisable to ride any electric scooter in heavy rain.

Customer Reviews and Comparisons

The Phantom 2023 V3 has received rave reviews from customers. One user expressed appreciation for its power, stating, “The speed and acceleration are exhilarating. I’ve never felt this kind of power in an e-scooter before. And despite its power, it feels incredibly stable and safe.” Another user praised its design and functionality, saying, “The LED display is clear and easy to read, and the suspension system smooths out the bumps on the road. I love the sleek, modern look too.”

Compared to similar products like the Turboant X7 Pro and the Segway Ninebot Max, the Phantom 2023 V3 stands out in terms of power, speed, and range. It offers a superior ride experience without compromising on safety and durability.

Safety and Warranty

Apollo Scooters come with a 12-month limited warranty coverage against manufacturing defects. While this duration is standard in the industry, the company’s dedication to customer service and support sets them apart.

In terms of safety, the Apollo Phantom 2023 V3 is equipped with impressive features, like the aforementioned battery protections and a regenerative braking system. Additionally, Apollo stresses the importance of proper assembly, maintenance, and use to ensure rider safety.

Final Verdict in our Phantom 2023 V3 Review

The Apollo Phantom 2023 V3 Electric Scooter offers unmatched power, robust design, and impressive range, making it a top-tier choice for e-scooter enthusiasts. Its various riding modes and safety features ensure a safe, thrilling ride regardless of the journey. With a blend of high performance, solid construction, and stylish design, it’s an investment that delivers value in every ride.

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