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Ariat FR M4 Relaxed Basic Boot Cut Jean

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The Ariat FR M4 Relaxed Basic Boot Cut Jean is the perfect choice for those who need a little extra room in their denim. The relaxed fit provides you with ultimate comfort, while the boot cut leg opening gives you a timeless look that never goes out of style. These jeans are also built to last with Ariat’s exclusive Flame Resistant technology. So whether you’re working hard on the job or enjoying a night out on the town, you can rest assured knowing that you’re protected against any potential hazards.


The Ariat FR M4 Relaxed Basic Boot Cut Jean – An Essential for Any Workplace

At work, staying safe can mean looking great too. Ariat has created the perfect pair of jeans in their FR M4 Relaxed Basic Boot Cut Jeans. Engineered to move with your body, these jeans make sure you always look and feel your best no matter how tough the environment is. Read on to learn why these are a must-have for any workplace wardrobe.

Premium Denim
Ariat’s FR M4 Relaxed Basic Boot Cut Jeans are crafted from premium, ring-spun cotton denim. This denim blend is designed to provide optimal comfort while providing protection against hazardous conditions that may arise in the workplace. The fabric is soft and breathable but also provides durability and strength through even the toughest working conditions. These jeans have been tested to meet ASTM F1506 fire resistant standards, so you can be sure you have a reliable product when you choose Ariat FR M4 Relaxed Basic Boot Cut Jeans.

Perfect Fit
These jeans are designed to fit your body perfectly, with a relaxed seat and thigh area for extra room in the legs for boots or other safety gear. This relaxed fit means that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort just to stay safe at work. They come with a mid rise waistline which offers added coverage and adds an extra layer of protection against dangerous sparks or flames that could be encountered at work. The boot cut leg allows for ease of movement so you can get your job done without worrying about restricting yourself or being uncomfortable due to ill-fitting clothing.

Added Features
Ariat has included a number of special features into their FR M4 Relaxed Basic Boot Cut Jeans, such as arc resistant button closure, reinforced back pockets with logo rivets, and heavy duty brass zipper closure with Nomex tape reinforcement inside fly area for added safety features that help protect workers in hazardous environments. In addition, these jeans come pre-washed so they’re ready to wear right away without having to worry about shrinkage or fading!

Our Thoughts?

For those seeking comfortable yet durable workwear that meets all ASTM standards while still looking great, Ariat’s FR M4 Relaxed Basic Boot Cut Jean is an essential choice. With its premium ring-spun cotton blend fabric, relaxed fit design, mid rise waistline and various additional features such as arc resistant button closure and Nomex tape reinforcement inside fly area, this pair of jeans offers both safety and style in one package – making it an ideal choice for any workplace wardrobe! Investing in these quality boots will ensure that you look your best while keeping safe on the job site!

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