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Caraway Review 2023: What’s Everyone Raving About?

Updated on April 12, 2023

With all the social media ads and influencer posts, it’s hard to know what products are worth our money and which ones are just hype. So we put Caraway cookware to the test to see if it really is the new standard in cooking equipment. Spoiler alert: we were impressed! Here’s what we found in our Caraway Review.

Ceramic Nonstick Cookware That Actually Works

We’ll admit, we were a little skeptical about ceramic nonstick cookware. We’ve tried it before and been disappointed with how easily it scratched and how food would still stick to the surface no matter what we did. But Caraway’s ceramic cookware is different. It’s made with a tough, super slick surface that nothing seems to be able to stick to—not even burned-on cheese (we tried). Plus, it doesn’t scratch as easily as other ceramic cookware we’ve used. Between the nonstick surface and the fact that it’s oven-safe up to 500 degrees, this cookware can do it all.

Lightweight but Durable Pans That Make Cooking a Breeze

Caraway’s lightweight aluminum pans will be a revelation if you’re used to cooking with heavy cast iron pans. They heat evenly and quickly, so you can ditch the stovetop instructions on your recipes and cook everything on medium heat (trust us, you won’t be able to tell the difference). During our Caraway review, we found the pans to be so light, they’re easy to maneuver, even when they’re full of food. No more awkwardly hefting heavy pans around—these puppies are a breeze to lift, even with one hand.

caraway review

Stainless Steel that Won’t Discolor or Deform​ ​with Heavy Use​

Caraway’s stainless steel pots and pans are designed for heavy use. The bottoms are thick enough that they won’t warp when used on high heat, and the steel won’t discolor over time as other brands can. Plus, they have a soft-grip silicone base that prevents them from sliding around—even when they’re full of water and you’re trying to pour it out without making a giant mess (we’ve all been there). And because they’re dishwasher safe, cleanup is a total breeze.

Easy Cabinet Organization

If you’re like most people, your kitchen is probably one of the busiest rooms in your home. It’s where you cook, eat, and entertain guests. That means it can get pretty cluttered pretty quickly. The Caraway cookware cabinet organizer can help you keep your kitchen organized and tidy. This handy organizer has compartments for all your pots, pans, lids, and other cooking essentials. With everything in its place, you’ll be able to find what you need when you need it.

caraway review

Pots, Pans, Baking Sheets & More—Oh My!

In addition to all the basic cookware pieces you need, Caraway also has a full line of storage solutions, linens, and tea kettles. We love their storage set — it makes short work when cleaning up leftovers —and their ultimate kitchen linen set is equipped to cover all your kitchen needs and keep you looking cool. They’ve even got a Tea Kettle that’s perfect for boiling water for your next delicious cup of tea. It’s a modern take on a classic kitchen item that is guaranteed to please the eye. 

Caraway Reviewed: Is Caraway worth it?

If you’re looking for high-quality cookware that can do it all, Caraway is definitely worth checking out. During our Caraway review, we determined their products are well-made, durable, and easy to use—plus they come in some pretty great colors (we’re partial to Cream). So whether you’re outfitting your first kitchen or upgrading your current set-up, Caraway has everything you need—and then some. Happy cooking!

Which Caraway products do we recommend?

Best seller 1 caraway cookware set

Caraway Cookware Set

Caraway Cookware Set is the perfect addition to any kitchen. This stunning set includes a frying pan, saucepan, and Dutch oven, all made with high-quality materials that are built to last. The elegant design is perfect for any home cook who wants to elevate their meals. Each piece in the Caraway Cookware Set is made with a sturdy construction that ensures even heating. The non-stick surfaces make cooking and cleanup a breeze, while the shatter-resistant lids are perfect for busy cooks. This set is an essential for any home chef who wants to create beautiful, delicious meals.
Best seller 1 Caraway Bakeware Set

Caraway Bakeware Set

Looking for the perfect bakeware set to help you create healthier baked goods? Look no further than our Caraway Bakeware Set! This 11-piece set features a ceramic-coated surface that is free of toxins, so you can bake with peace of mind. The set also comes with storage organizers to keep your kitchen tidy. With our Caraway Bakeware Set, you’ll be able to make healthier baked goods that are sure to please everyone in the family!
Best seller 1 Caraway Linens Set

Caraway Linens Set

The Caraway Linens Set is the perfect addition to any kitchen. This set includes four essential items: tea towels, an apron, oven mitts, and pot holders. With this set, you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way in the kitchen – from spills and messes to hot pots and pans. And because they’re all made from high-quality linen, they’ll look good doing it. So if you’re looking for a kitchen linens starter set that has everything you need, look no further than the Caraway Linens Set.
Best seller 1 Caraway Whistling Tea Kettle

Caraway Whistling Tea Kettle

Caraway Whistling Tea Kettle Review: The Perfect Addition to Your Tea Time Ritual As tea lovers, we all understand the importance of a good tea kettle. It’s not just an essential tool for brewing tea, but it’s also a statement piece …

Does Caraway Offer Any Discounts or Deals?

Caraway offers competitive pricing when compared to its competition. On top of that, they sometimes offer discounts and promo codes that sweeten the value even more. Be sure to check out our Caraway promo codes and discounts page for the latest offers.

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