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Bowflex T7 Treadmill

If you’re not willing to compromise on your fitness goals, then the Bowflex T7 Treadmill is for you. With a whisper-quiet 2.75 Continuous Duty HP motor, this treadmill allows you to move at speeds up to 12 mph without distraction or disruption. It features a bright dual-mode LCD Display that tracks all of your stats so you can make sure you achieve optimal results in every workout.


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Why the Bowflex T7 Treadmill is the Best Choice for Your Home Gym

Working out at home is a great way to get fit and stay healthy. But it can be hard to find the right equipment to help you reach your fitness goals. One of the best pieces of equipment on the market today is the Bowflex T7 treadmill. Here’s why it’s a great choice for any home gym.

Durability and Quality
The Bowflex T7 treadmill is an incredibly sturdy machine, built with durable steel construction that can stand up to even intense workouts. The deck is made of PVC-coated wood, which helps absorb impact and cushion your joints as you run or walk. The rubber-coated handrails are comfortable to grip and provide support so you can feel confident during your workout.

The Bowflex T7 treadmill also has some great features that make it one of the best choices on the market. It has a powerful 3 HP motor that supports speeds of up to 12 miles per hour, perfect for all kinds of training needs from sprints to long distance runs. It also comes with a 7” full color LCD display that shows your time, speed, calories burned, distance traveled, and more; plus 6 built-in workouts so you can quickly get started with your routine. And if you want to save space in your home gym when not in use, just fold up the treadmill into its convenient storage position.

Finally, when compared to other treadmills on the market today, the Bowflex T7 offers incredible value for money; especially considering all of its features and durability. Plus with free shipping and a 2 year warranty included in every purchase, there’s no reason not to invest in this top-of-the-line product!

Our Thoughts?

For customers looking for an excellent piece of exercise equipment for their home gym setup, look no further than the Bowflex T7 treadmill. This sturdy machine offers superior quality construction and powerful features like a 3 HP motor and 7” LCD display that will help you reach your fitness goals safely and efficiently. And with an unbeatable price tag plus free shipping and warranty included, what’s not to love? Invest in this top-notch product today!

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