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The Burton Name Dropper Snowboard – A Versatile All-Mountain Ride

Are you an intermediate rider looking for a board that can help you take your Freestyle skills to the next level? If so, then the Burton Name Dropper SnowBoard may be the perfect fit for you. This all-mountain board has a playful design that thrives in park terrain, and its PurePop Camber gives you added pop in each turn. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this board unique.

The Shape and Flex of the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard
This board features a Twin Flex, which means it offers symmetrical performance whether you ride regular or switch. The PurePop Camber ensures that you get more energetic and fun feel from your turns, allowing for greater agility and control on the slopes. And if you like to venture off the beaten path, this board’s Twin flex will provide plenty of stability even when you’re riding through cruddy terrain.

The Core and Base Materials of the Burton Name Dropper Snowboard
The core of this board is made with FSC certified Super Fly 800g wood with Dualzone EGD construction. It also has Off-Axis Squeezebox Low profile foam to give you additional edge control as well as improved response when doing jumps or tricks. The base material is sintered which provides excellent wax retention, durability and speed so that it can keep up with your fast-paced rides. Frostbite edges add extra grip on icy or hard packed surfaces while still providing effortless turning ability when needed. To top it off, Infinite Ride technology ensures that your board will maintain its flex and pop season after season.

Our Thoughts?

If you’re looking for an all-mountain snowboard that can provide great performance on any kind of terrain, then the Burton Name Dropper SnowBoard should definitely be on your list! With its combination of PurePop camber, Twin flex, FSC Certified Super Fly 800g core construction and other features such as Off-Axis Squeezebox Low profile foam and Sintered base material, this is one powerful board that will help take your freestyle skills to new heights! Whether it’s cruising through powdery runs or shredding big airs in parks – this is one snowboard designed to do it all! So what are you waiting for? Grab yours today!

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