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A Comprehensive Review of the Jones Women’s Solution Splitboard

The Jones Women’s Solution Splitboard is a high-performance board designed for the modern female snowboarder. With its tapered shape and directional flex pattern, this board offers improved control and performance in any terrain or condition. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the features of this splitboard that make it so unique.

Tapered Shape
The Jones Women’s Solution Splitboard has a tapered shape, meaning it has a narrower nose than tail width. This gives riders more control and maneuverability while still providing plenty of float in deep snow. Additionally, its blunt nose makes it easier to navigate through powder without catching on obstacles like trees or rocks.

Flex & Sidecut Pattern
The 12.5mm directional flex pattern of the splitboard gives riders a versatile ride experience depending on their riding style and conditions. It also features progressive sidecut technology, which helps riders carve turns with ease by reducing edge catch and improving turn initiation.

Core & Edges
This board boasts an eco-friendly construction that includes Triax fiberglass and sustainable Flax/Basalt stringers for enhanced strength and response. Its inner edges are thin recycled edges that provide superior grip on icy slopes, while its outer oversized recycled edges offer increased durability against impacts from rocks or other debris found on the trails. To top it off, this splitboard also includes Karakoram ultra clips 2.0 with Tip-Lock for added stability when traversing across flat terrain (i.e., backcountry).

Our Final Thoughts

The Jones Women’s Solution Splitboard is an excellent board for those looking for an all-around performance splitboard with improved control and maneuverability in powdery terrain as well as icy slopes. With its tapered shape, directional flex pattern, boltless bridge, In & Out traction tech 2.0, progressive sidecut technology, eco-friendly core materials, stainless steel reinforcement edges and Karakoram ultra clips 2.0 with Tip-Lock—this splitboard has everything you need to tackle any mountain adventure! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider looking for an upgrade—the Jones Women’s Solution Splitboard is worth checking out!

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