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Mirror – Lululemon Studio

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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall: Reviewing the Ultimate Home Gym Experience

Picture this: you step into a room and suddenly it’s like you stepped into your own personal gym! A full-length mirror lines one wall and on the other is a huge 43” HD display. You can see yourself in the mirror as you work out and get real-time feedback from instructors on the big screen. Is it a dream come true? No, it’s the Mirror home gym! Let’s take a look at what this incredible machine has to offer.

The Basics
At first glance, this mirror looks like any regular full-length wall mirror—until you realize it has a built-in HD 1080p display. It also has an impressive 15W high-fidelity speaker system with 6 drivers including 2 woofers so that your workout music or instructor’s voice will sound crisp and clear. And not just any old speakers either; these are embedded omnidirectional microphones for ultimate clarity and studio effect. Plus, there’s an integrated front-facing camera so you can see friends during workouts or take part in virtual classes with real instructors!

The Look & Feel
The frame of this mirror is made of carbon steel for maximum durability, plus it comes with mineral bronze powder coating so it looks great in any room. The 43” full HD 1080p display also has 178° wide viewing angle so you and your workout partner never miss a thing while working out together. Plus, they have over 10,000 live and on demand classes available every week so there’s something for everyone.

Our Final Thoughts

If you want to bring the gym experience into your own home without sacrificing style or quality then the Mirror home gym is definitely worth considering. With its durable frame, impressive audio/video system, wide viewing angle display, and front-facing camera –this device really does have everything you need for an amazing workout experience right at home! So don’t wait – get your very own Mirror today and start transforming your workouts forever!

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