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Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler 40oz

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Stanley Quencher Tumbler 40oz Review

The Gold Standard of Hydration

Let’s be honest, when it comes to having a good time, hydration is key. Whether you’re commuting to work, exercising in the studio, or just out for a day trip, you need something by your side that can keep up with your active lifestyle and keep your fluids cold. That’s why we’ve decided to review the Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler 40oz – the gold standard of hydration! Constructed from recycled stainless steel for sustainable sipping and vacuum insulation to keep drinks ice-cold hour after hour, this tumbler has everything you need and more. Let’s dive into all the details!

a purple stanley adventure quencher tumbler sitting on a table

Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler 40oz

Features and Benefits:

  1. Insulation Technology: The Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler 40oz is equipped with advanced insulation technology that keeps your drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 40 hours. The FlowState technology ensures that your drinks stay at the desired temperature for longer, no matter the weather.
  2. Leak-Proof Lid: The tumbler comes with a leak-proof lid that prevents spills and leaks, making it perfect for outdoor activities. The lid is also designed with a built-in bottle opener, making it a handy tool for any adventure.
  3. Durable Construction: Made from high-quality stainless steel, the Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler 40oz is built to withstand any outdoor adventure. Its rugged design can withstand dents, scratches, and any other wear and tear that comes with outdoor activities.
  4. Easy to Clean: The tumbler’s wide mouth makes it easy to clean and fill, while the dishwasher-safe design ensures that it’s easy to maintain.
  5. Versatile Use: The Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler 40oz is perfect for a variety of outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, picnics, and more. It’s also great for everyday use, whether you’re commuting to work or hitting the gym.
9.8Expert Score
Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler Review: Keeps Drinks Cold or Hot for Hours! The cult favorite is a favorite for reason, this thing is awesome.
  • Vacuum insulation technology keeps drinks cold for up to 11 hours and hot for up to 7 hours
  • Leak-proof lid with sliding closure prevents spills
  • Durable construction and sweat-proof finish
  • Easy to carry
  • Fits in cup holders
  • Awesome colors and style
  • The tumbler may be too large and heavy for some users
  • The lid and straw may be difficult to clean thoroughly
  • Hard to get, rarely in-stock

What You Get With This Stanley Tumbler

The Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler comes with an advanced FlowState lid featuring a rotating cover with three positions—a straw opening designed to resist splashes while holding the reusable straw in place, a drink opening, and a full-cover top. It also comes with an ergonomic handle that includes comfort-grip inserts for easy carrying, as well as a narrow base that fits just about any car cup holder.

In addition to all these features, the 40oz Tumbler is also constructed of recycled stainless steel for sustainable sipping, so you can do your part to help save the environment while still enjoying maximum hydration with fewer refills. Now that’s what we call a win-win!

One thing we have noticed about this tumbler is that it does not fit inside most backpack pockets due to its large size; however, if you’re looking to take your beverage on the go then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue since it fits in most car cup holders. Plus it has an ergonomic handle perfect for carrying anyway!

a stanley quencher tumbler in a car cupholder

Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler 40oz

Performance and Usage

Temperature Retention

In our tests, the Stanley Quencher Tumbler 40oz performed exceptionally well in terms of temperature retention. The tumbler was able to keep cold beverages cold for up to 11 hours and hot beverages hot for up to 7 hours. We found the temperature of the beverage inside the tumbler stayed consistent. Plus, there was no noticeable condensation on the exterior of the tumbler.


The tumbler is made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor activities. The 18/8 stainless steel construction is resistant to rust and corrosion and the sweat-proof finish ensures that the tumbler is easy to grip and transport. The lid and straw are also made of durable plastic, ensuring that they can withstand repeated use.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Stanley Quencher Tumbler 40oz is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean. The lid and straw can also be removed for easy cleaning. It is recommended to hand wash the tumbler to ensure that it stays in optimal condition.

a purple stanley quencher tumbler with it's screw off lid

Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler 40oz

The Final Verdict

All in all, we think that the Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler 40oz offers great value for money—it’s constructed from recycled stainless steel for sustainable sipping and offers maximum hydration with fewer refills thanks to its vacuum insulation technology which keeps drinks ice-cold hour after hour. Plus it comes with an advanced FlowState lid featuring three positions and an ergonomic handle complete with comfort-grip inserts for easy carrying; what more could you ask for? If you’re looking for something reliable and eco-friendly then this tumbler should definitely be at the top of your list!

Stanley Quencher Tumbler

Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler 40oz

How to use the Stanley Quencher Tumbler 40oz

The Stanley Quencher Tumbler is a durable and insulated beverage container that can hold up to 40 ounces of liquid. Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Clean the tumbler: Before using the Stanley Quencher Tumbler for the first time, wash it thoroughly with warm, soapy water to remove any manufacturing residue. Rinse it thoroughly and let it dry.
  2. Prepare your beverage: Fill your beverage of choice into the tumbler. The Stanley Quencher Tumbler is designed to keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 16 hours, so you can use it for a wide variety of beverages, including coffee, tea, water, juice, and more.
  3. Secure the lid: The Stanley Quencher Tumbler comes with a lid that helps to prevent spills and keep your beverage at the desired temperature. Make sure the lid is clean and properly aligned with the tumbler. Press down firmly to ensure it’s securely in place.
  4. Drink from the Tumbler: The Stanley Quencher Tumbler has a convenient push-button lid that allows you to drink from it without removing the entire lid. Simply press the button to open the drinking hole, and then sip from it. Release the button to close the drinking hole and prevent spills.
  5. Clean and care for the tumbler: After each use, wash the tumbler and lid with warm, soapy water. You can also use a bottle brush to clean the inside if needed. Rinse thoroughly and let them dry before storing. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or putting the tumbler in the dishwasher, as it may damage the insulation and reduce its effectiveness.
  6. Enjoy your beverage on the go: The Stanley Quencher Tumbler is designed to be portable and is perfect for taking your favorite beverage with you wherever you go. Whether you’re camping, hiking, commuting, or just enjoying a day out, the tumbler will help keep your drinks hot or cold for longer, allowing you to enjoy them at the perfect temperature.

The Stanley Quencher tumbler is a popular choice for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is made of high-quality materials and designed to be durable, which means it can withstand regular use and last for a long time. The tumbler is made of stainless steel and is double-walled, which helps to keep drinks at the desired temperature for longer periods.

Secondly, the Stanley Quencher tumbler has a leak-proof design, making it an ideal choice for people who are always on the move. The lid is designed to prevent spills and leaks, ensuring that users can carry their drinks without worrying about any mess.

Thirdly, the tumbler has a stylish and modern design, making it an attractive choice for those who want a functional yet visually appealing drinking vessel. It comes in a range of colors and finishes, so users can choose the one that best suits their individual taste and style.

Lastly, the Stanley Quencher tumbler has received positive feedback from many users who have praised its durability, functionality, and overall quality. This positive reputation has contributed to its popularity among consumers.

There could be several reasons why Stanley quenchers are sold out. One possibility is that the demand for the product is high, which can happen when a particular product becomes popular among consumers. If the manufacturer is unable to keep up with the demand, the product may sell out quickly.

Another possible reason for the sell-out could be supply chain issues. These can occur if there are disruptions in the production process, or if there are delays in the transportation of the product from the manufacturer to the retailer.

Seasonal factors could also contribute to the sell-out. For example, if the product is popular for outdoor activities like camping or hiking, it could sell out during the summer months when more people are engaging in these activities.

Finally, it is possible that the product is intentionally kept in limited supply to create a sense of exclusivity and increase demand. This is a marketing strategy that is often employed by companies to generate buzz and excitement around a product.

Overall, the sell-out of Stanley quenchers could be due to a combination of these factors, or it could be due to other reasons not mentioned here.

The tumbler can keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 40 hours.

Yes, the tumbler is dishwasher safe, but it is recommended to hand wash for optimal care.

Yes, the tumbler is designed with a tapered bottom that can fit in most car cup holders.

Yes, the tumbler is BPA-free and safe to use.

Yes, make sure to check out our Stanley coupons and promo code page for the latest offers and discounts.

The Stanley 40 oz Quencher Tumbler is a top-quality travel tumbler designed to keep your beverage hot or cold for hours. It features a double-wall stainless steel vacuum insulation that ensures your drink stays at the perfect temperature. Additionally, the tumbler has a 3-position lid that allows for easy drinking, drinking with a straw, or full closure to prevent spills. It is also built with a durable exterior that can withstand drops and impacts.

The Stanley Quencher Tumbler has a capacity of 40 ounces, making it the perfect travel companion for those who love to enjoy their beverages in large quantities. This size ensures that you have enough of your favorite drink to last for hours, whether you’re on the go or at home.

The 40 oz Quencher Tumbler is highly rated for its performance in keeping your beverage at the perfect temperature for hours. Whether you’re looking to keep your coffee hot on a cold day or your water cold on a hot day, this tumbler has got you covered. Its vacuum insulation technology keeps your drink hot or cold for up to 12 hours, so you can enjoy your favorite beverage anytime, anywhere.

Yes, the Quencher Tumbler is designed for easy cleaning. The tumbler is made of stainless steel, which makes it resistant to stains and odors. Additionally, the lid is easy to disassemble, making it easy to clean every nook and cranny of the tumbler. You can clean it with soap and water or place it in the dishwasher for easy and hassle-free cleaning.

The price of the Stanley 40 oz Quencher Tumbler can vary depending on the retailer and any discounts or promotions that may be available. However, it is generally considered a mid-range tumbler in terms of price, with a price range of around $25 to $50. Despite the slightly higher price point, the Stanley 40 oz Quencher Tumbler’s high-quality construction and superior performance make it a great value for the price.

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