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Cometeer Light/Medium Roast Box

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Introducing the Cometeer Light/Medium Roast Box, a selection that curates the best range of light and medium roast coffees for the perfect cup each morning. We’ve carefully chosen four unique blends that are perfect however you take your coffee – with a nutty richness, balanced spice, and aroma that can’t be beaten.


Searching for a cup of coffee that has the perfect balance of flavor? Look no further than Cometeer Light/Medium Roast Box. This selection of roasts provides an experience like no other; its nutty, balanced, spiced flavors are delightful and pleasing to the taste. Each box comes with 4 light and medium roasts that give you 32 cups to relish in! Plus, Cometeer is consistently bringing new seasonal coffees so you’re never stuck with the same batch. With features like recyclable aluminum capsules and packaging, we proudly stand behind our product’s sustainability credentials. Trust us when we say that with Cometeer Light/Medium Roast Box, you’ll get your daily dose of rich flavor without compromise.

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