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GCI Outdoor Packseat Portable Stool

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GCI Outdoor’s Packseat Portable Stool: The Perfect Companion for Your Next Adventure!

Are you an avid outdoorsman or woman? Do you enjoy camping, bird watching, fishing, or even just traveling? If so, then you know the importance of having comfortable and reliable gear that can keep up with your lifestyle. GCI Outdoor’s Packseat Portable Stool is the perfect companion for your next adventure. With its strong aluminum frame and durable 600 denier Polyester fabric, this stool will be able to handle whatever life throws at it.

Usability & Portability
The Packseat Portable Stool is designed to make life easier. Its lightweight alloy frame and single buckle release make it easy to carry over long distances. Weighing only 2.2 pounds, the stool can easily fit into a backpack or even in your pocket! It comes with two adjustable straps that allow you to secure the stool onto any outdoor surface like a tree branch or fence post. And when it’s time to set up camp, the stool has folding legs that extend from 17” to 24” high – giving you plenty of height to sit comfortably no matter what terrain you’re on.

Durability & Comfort
GCI Outdoor understands that durability and comfort are essential when it comes to outdoor products. That’s why they designed the Packseat Portable Stool with a strong aluminum frame and durable 600 denier Polyester fabric – making sure that no matter what conditions you find yourself in, this stool will last season after season. Plus the seat is designed with mesh material which helps promote air circulation and keeps your backside cool during those hot summer days!

Our Thoughts?

GCI Outdoor has been designing innovative products for years and their Packseat Portable Stool is no exception. With its lightweight design, durable construction, and comfortable seating – this stool is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast looking for a reliable companion on their next adventure! So if you’re looking for a compact solution that provides comfort and convenience without weighing down your pack – then look no further than GCI Outdoor’s Packseat Portable Stool!

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