Jones Men’s Hovercraft Splitboard

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The Jones Men’s Hovercraft Splitboard – A Comprehensive Look

For any avid snowboarder, the Jones Men’s Hovercraft Splitboard is an essential tool for conquering the slopes this winter. This splitboard is designed to give you a smooth ride no matter what terrain you come across. Let’s take a closer look at the features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Directional Shape and Directional Flex Pattern
The directional shape of the Jones Men’s Hovercraft Splitboard gives it a unique advantage when it comes to navigating through powdery snow. The board has a tapered nose and tail, which gives it better control and maneuverability without compromising on stability or performance. In addition, its directional flex pattern allows for improved carving and turning on hard pack terrain while maintaining loose float in powder.

Blunt Nose V-Core
The Blunt Nose V-Core of this board helps to improve both edge hold and response time when riding over icy patches or other difficult conditions. It also reduces swing weight so that you can make quick turns with ease. Plus, its increased dampening means that you will enjoy a smoother ride every time!

In & Out Traction Tech 2.0
The In & Out Traction Tech 2.0 of this board offers superior grip in any condition. Its oversized recycled edges provide extra stability and control, so you can be sure that your feet stay firmly planted as you go down the mountain. Additionally, its Karakoram Ultra Clips keep your feet locked in place even during intense runs while still allowing them to move freely when needed.

Progressive Sidecut & Biax Fiberglass
The progressive sidecut of this board offers an aggressive turn radius for better response time without sacrificing speed or agility. Its biax fiberglass construction provides added flexibility while also increasing durability and impact resistance for more control on jumps and other tricks. Lastly, its sintered 8000 base ensures maximum glide speed on all types of terrain with minimal drag for effortless turns every run!

Engineered Wood Veneer & Stainless Steel Reinforcement
This splitboard is equipped with an engineered wood veneer that adds strength while still keeping the overall weight light enough to ensure easy handling in any situation. Its stainless steel reinforcement offers additional protection against wear-and-tear so that you can enjoy years of use without worrying about any damage to your equipment!

Our Thoughts?

All in all, the Jones Men’s Hovercraft Splitboard offers an unparalleled combination of features that are sure to take your snowboarding experience to the next level! Its directional shape and flex pattern provide superior control over difficult terrain while its Blunt Nose V-Core optimizes impact absorption for a smoother ride every time. Plus, its In & Out Traction Tech 2.0 provides excellent grip on any surface while its progressive sidecut allows for fast and precise turns with minimal effort required from you! Whether you’re looking for a reliable splitboard that won’t let you down or just want something new to try out this winter season, then consider giving the Jones Men’s Hovercraft SplitBoard a shot!

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