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Jones Storm Wolf Snowboard

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The Jones Storm Wolf Snowboard – A Must-Have for Snowboarders

Are you an experienced snowboarder looking for a new board to take on the slopes? Look no further than the Jones Storm Wolf Snowboard. This board is packed with features that make it perfect for anyone from beginners to advanced riders. Let’s break down why this board is so special.

Tapered Shape
The Jones Storm Wolf Snowboard has a tapered shape, which helps it cut through powder and carve turns easily. This shape also allows for excellent edge hold, even in icy conditions. The tail of the board is slightly wider than the nose, allowing you to have more control over your ride as you descend the slopes.

10mm Directional Flex Pattern
The Jones Storm Wolf Snowboard also has a 10mm directional flex pattern. This means that the board has different levels of stiffness between its tip and tail, giving you more control while riding. The board can be ridden switch or regular, depending on your preference.

V-Core Traction Tech 3.5
The V-Core Traction Tech 3.5 technology allows you to have maximum edge grip on hardpack and icy surfaces without sacrificing responsiveness or flex in softer snow conditions. This makes the board perfect for any type of terrain and weather condition you might encounter on the mountain.

Sustainable Construction
In addition to having an impressive feature set, the snowboard is also made with sustainable materials such as flax/basalt stringers, recycled ABS edges, Biax fiberglass, and ECO-Plastic topsheet material. These materials all come together to create a strong yet lightweight snowboard that will stand up to whatever punishment you can dish out on the slopes.

Our Thoughts?

The Jones Storm Wolf Snowboard is an ideal choice for any snowboarder who wants a high-performance board that can handle any terrain or weather condition they might encounter on the mountain. With its tapered shape, 10mm directional flex pattern, V-core traction tech 3.5 technology, sustainable construction materials, and more—the Jones Storm Wolf Snowboard is sure to exceed your expectations! Whether you’re just starting out or experienced rider—this board has something for everyone! Don’t wait — put yourself at an advantage today with this must-have snowboarding gear!

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