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Enviroscent Review: Non-Toxic Air Fresheners

Updated on September 13, 2023

The New Gold Standard in Air Fresheners – Enviroscent

Scents play a critical role in our daily lives, evoking memories, altering our mood, and even impacting our overall well-being. In today’s review, we’ll explore why Enviroscent stands head and shoulders above the rest in the world of air fresheners.

The Hidden Dangers of Traditional Air Fresheners

Before delving into our main review, let’s take a moment to discuss the common culprits in many air fresheners: toxic chemicals. Many air fresheners contain a plethora of chemicals and toxins, some of which can be harmful, especially when used continuously around children and pets.

“Before switching to Enviroscent, I never realized how many chemicals I was introducing into my home. I thought I was merely making my living space smell nice. Now, I feel so much more at ease knowing I’m using a safer alternative.” – Jenna P.

Why Enviroscent is Changing the Game

Prioritizing Health Without Compromising on Scent

Enviroscent recognizes the importance of health and safety without sacrificing the beautiful aromas we all love. With nearly 9 out of 10 air freshener users emphasizing the importance of non-toxicity, it’s evident that there’s a demand for products like Enviroscent. And the best part? They’ve mastered the art of crafting scents that are delightful yet never overpowering.

Designed with You (and Mother Nature) in Mind

Not only has Enviroscent created a non-toxic product, but they’ve also gone above and beyond in ensuring convenience. With their mess-free formula, eco-friendly refills, and an impressive subscription service that offers unbeatable perks, they’ve truly thought of everything.

“I love the peace of mind I get from using Enviroscent. Their fragrances are subtle and comforting, not overpowering. The convenience of their subscription service is just the cherry on top!” – Luis M.

Standout Features of Enviroscent Air Fresheners

True to Nature Scents

Every Enviroscent product is crafted to provide a genuine, nature-inspired scent. Forget the overwhelming chemical smells of old – Enviroscent is all about authenticity.

Strength of Your Choice

Their patented process ensures that your chosen scent remains consistent, and with various scent strengths available, you can tailor your experience precisely to your liking.

Made for Modern Life

Life can be hectic, but your quest for the perfect air freshener shouldn’t add to your stresses. From their UL-certified electronics to the informative SmartLabel®, Enviroscent has streamlined the scenting process for the modern consumer.

“Switching to Enviroscent was a game-changer for me. The scents are refreshing and light, and knowing that they’re safe for my kids and pets gives me incredible peace of mind.” – Shannon T.

A Dive into Enviroscent’s Product Range

Enviroscent isn’t just about one type of product; they’ve designed an entire range tailored to varied consumer needs.


Unlike typical aerosols, Enviroscent sprays are free from harmful propellants and volatile organic compounds. They provide instant freshness without any guilt.

Enviroscent Scent Spritz

Non-toxic, cruelty free, and recyclable


Their UL certified electronics ensure that the plug-ins function safely, emitting a steady fragrance without any electrical hazards.

Enviroscent Plug Hub

Non-toxic, liquid free, and cruelty free


Designed for subtlety, the diffusers release scents that are neither too overpowering nor too faint. They strike the perfect balance.

Enviroscent Scent Stix + Stand

Non-toxic, liquid free, and cruelty free

Car Fresheners

Their line isn’t limited to homes. With Enviroscent’s car fresheners, you can take the signature non-toxic fragrance experience on the road with you.

Enviroscent Car Vent Clip

Non-toxic, liquid free, and cruelty free

Enviroscent Auto Stix

Non-toxic, liquid free, and cruelty free

Final Thoughts on Our Enviroscent Review

With an unwavering commitment to safety, authenticity, and convenience, Enviroscent is setting a new standard in the air freshener industry. In a world where transparency and health are paramount, their dedication to providing a non-toxic, delightful scent experience is truly commendable.

Kevin O'Shea
Kevin O'Shea

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