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RTIC 65 Qt Hard Cooler

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RTIC 65 Qt Hard Cooler Review

In the world of outdoor adventures, finding the perfect cooler can often mean the difference between a pleasant trip and a spoiled one. A reliable cooler isn’t just an accessory—it’s a necessity. If you’ve been on the hunt for a cooler that can withstand the elements, hold a sizable amount of drinks, food, and more, all while keeping them cold for days, your search ends here. Welcome to the review of the RTIC 65 Qt Hard Cooler – a cooler that claims to be the best large cooler available in the market.

9.7Expert Score
RTIC 65 Qt Hard Cooler Review
The RTIC 65 Qt Hard Cooler is praised for its ample capacity, effective insulation, and durability, but its heaviness when full, lack of wheels, and absence of dry storage could be drawbacks for some users.
  • Large Capacity: Suitable for family outings and multi-day trips​
  • Strong Insulation: Keeps contents cold up to 8 days depending on conditions​
  • Durable: Bear-resistant with a rotomolded construction​
  • Easy to Use: Simple to drain and clean​
  • Portability Features: Molded and rope handles with foam grips for carrying​
  • Versatile Lid: Can be used as a table or seat​
  • Heavy When Full: Requires two people to carry when loaded​
  • No Wheels: Challenging to move over distances​
  • No Dry Storage Area: Lacks a compartment to keep items dry​
  • Possible Lid Warping: Can warp in direct sunlight but typically reverts back​
rtic 65 qt hard cooler front

RTIC 65 qt Hard Cooler

Hands-on Experience with the RTIC 65 Qt Hard Cooler

I’ve had mine for 5+ years and it’s still going strong. The only thing that deteriorated quickly was the pads on the handles – not a major loss.

This cooler has been a staple on our camping and fishing trips. It keeps adult sodas super cold for days and also fits a good amount of fish.

For the price, I’ve been extremely happy with the value I’ve received.

Capacity That’s Hard to Beat

The RTIC 65 Qt Hard Cooler isn’t just about the brand name—it’s about its impressive capacity. Boasting the ability to hold up to 64 cans plus ice, it can also house up to 84 cans without ice. This cooler offers a capacity of 65 qt or 16.25 gallons of water, making it an ideal companion for those long weekend getaways.

rtic 65 qt hard cooler inside

RTIC 65 qt Hard Cooler

Durable and Long-Lasting Ice Retention

With 3-inch foam insulated walls, this cooler promises durability that’s second to none. “Long Live The Ice” isn’t just a catchy phrase for the RTIC cooler; it’s a lived reality. The insulation provides prolonged ice retention, ensuring your supplies stay cold for an extended period.

rtic 65 qt hard cooler open

RTIC 65 qt Hard Cooler

Designed for Versatility

Whether you’re out marine fishing, embarking on a hunting trip, or just camping in the woods, this cooler is tailored to fit a variety of scenarios. Plus, with a weight of 37.7 lbs, it remains portable enough for one person to transport with ease.

rtic 65 qt hard cooler side

RTIC 65 qt Hard Cooler

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Comparisons with Similar Products

In the realm of large coolers, the RTIC 65 Qt Hard Cooler certainly stands tall. But how does it fare against its competitors?

  • Yeti Tundra 65: A household name in the cooler world, the Yeti Tundra 65 offers similar ice retention and durability. However, many customer reviews point out that the RTIC offers better value for money, given its competitive pricing and comparable performance.
  • Pelican ProGear Elite Cooler 70qt: This cooler has a slightly larger capacity, but some users have noted that its weight is on the heavier side, making it a tad less portable than the RTIC 65 Qt.
  • Igloo Super Tough STX Cooler 72qt: While the Igloo offers a larger volume, some evaluations note that its ice retention doesn’t quite match up to the RTIC’s capabilities.

What Are Other Customers Saying?

In the vast sea of cooler reviews, the voice of genuine users carries significant weight. Here are a few testimonials from customers who have used the RTIC 65 Qt Hard Cooler:

  • Jane D.: “I took the RTIC 65 on a week-long camping trip. Not only did it keep our drinks and food cold, but we also had ice left by the end of the week! Definitely the best cooler I’ve owned.”
  • Carlos M.: “Compared to my old Yeti, the RTIC 65 Qt gives similar performance at a fraction of the cost. It’s a win-win for me.”
  • Aisha K.: “I use it mainly for fishing trips. The durable design and long-lasting ice retention are game changers for me. I’m sold on the RTIC brand.”

Conclusion in my RTIC 65 Qt Cooler Review

The RTIC 65 Qt Hard Cooler isn’t just another cooler on the shelf. It’s a culmination of durability, ice retention, and versatility, all bundled into one robust package. Whether you’re a seasoned camper, a fishing enthusiast, or someone who loves long road trips, this cooler is bound to exceed your expectations. It’s genuinely one of the best large coolers available today.

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