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A Gardener’s True Companion

True Leaf Market, a name synonymous with quality and trust in the gardening community, has been a go-to source for seeds since its inception in 1974. With a rich history of providing premium brands like Mountain Valley Seeds, Sustainable Seeds, Kitazawa Seeds, Mountain Valley Hybrids, and Handy Pantry for Sprouting, it’s clear why True Leaf Market stands out in the seed industry. This True Leaf Market review dives into the heart of their offerings, exploring the pros and cons, to understand why this brand could be your next gardening ally.

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True Leaf Market Review

True Leaf Market stands out as a trusted partner in gardening, offering a wide selection of high-quality seeds and fostering a supportive community for both new and experienced gardeners. They are highly recommended for anyone interested in cultivating a thriving garden.

  • Wide variety of high-quality, non-GMO seeds.
  • Excellent customer support and online growing resources.
  • Strong commitment to sustainable and organic gardening practices.
  • Premium pricing for certain specialty seeds.
  • Overwhelming options for beginners without clear guidance on starting.

Who is True Leaf Market For?

True Leaf Market caters to a wide range of green thumbs, from home gardeners and professional growers to those embarking on their first planting adventure. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your indoor space with some greenery, start a vegetable garden, or explore the world of sprouting, True Leaf Market has something for everyone. Their commitment to non-GMO, high-quality seeds means that whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a curious newbie, you’re in good hands.

A Hands-on Experience with True Leaf Market

My journey with True Leaf Market began when I decided to transform my balcony into a small vegetable garden. Browsing through their user-friendly website at, I was impressed by the variety and quality of seeds available. I opted for a mix of their top-selling products, including organic kale seeds from Sustainable Seeds and exotic Asian varieties from Kitazawa Seeds.

The seeds arrived promptly, and the packaging included helpful growing information which was a nice touch for a gardening novice like me. The germination rate was impressive, and my balcony garden quickly transformed into a lush, green space. True Leaf Market’s customer support was also commendable; their team was always ready to provide advice and answer my gardening queries, making the whole experience feel personal and supported.

Analysis of Top-Selling Products

Mountain Valley Seeds

Offering conventional varieties, Mountain Valley Seeds are a staple for those looking for reliability and high germination rates.

Sustainable Seeds

For organic gardening enthusiasts, Sustainable Seeds provide a diverse range of options, all non-GMO and with the added benefit of supporting sustainable farming practices.

Kitazawa Seeds

A treasure trove for gardeners looking to explore Asian vegetables and herbs. The quality and authenticity of these seeds are unmatched.

Handy Pantry for Sprouting

Ideal for indoor gardeners or those with limited space, Handy Pantry offers a wide range of sprouting seeds that are easy to grow and packed with nutrition.

Why True Leaf Market is Worth It

Investing in seeds from True Leaf Market means more than just buying a product; it’s about joining a community of gardeners dedicated to sustainable and joyful growing. The brand’s expertise, coupled with its commitment to quality and customer support, makes it a worthwhile choice for anyone looking to start or enhance their gardening journey. The joy and satisfaction of watching your garden grow from seeds of such esteemed quality are invaluable.

True Leaf Market Review: Final Verdict

After several months of tending to my garden, the results speak for themselves. The vibrancy and taste of the vegetables grown from True Leaf Market’s seeds were beyond my expectations. This experience not only enriched my meals but also provided a fulfilling hobby that connected me with nature.

In conclusion, True Leaf Market is more than just a seed company; it’s a partner in your gardening journey. With their exceptional range of seeds, commitment to quality, and supportive community, they come highly recommended for anyone looking to delve into the world of gardening. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned gardener, True Leaf Market has the seeds and support to help your garden thrive.


What types of seeds does True Leaf Market offer?

True Leaf Market offers a wide variety of non-GMO seeds, including vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds, and sprouting seeds. They also provide seeds for microgreens, wheatgrass, and other health-focused plants. Their selection caters to both home gardeners and commercial growers.

Can I find organic seeds at True Leaf Market?

Yes, True Leaf Market has a comprehensive selection of certified organic seeds. These include vegetables, herbs, flowers, and sprouting seeds that meet all organic standards for organic farming and gardening.

How do I know which seeds to plant in my area?

True Leaf Market provides a growing zone map and planting guides on their website. These resources can help you determine the best seeds to plant based on your local climate and the current season. Additionally, product descriptions often include recommended planting times and conditions.

Do they offer any guides for beginner gardeners?

Yes, True Leaf Market offers a variety of resources for beginner gardeners. These include blog posts, planting guides, and tutorials that cover the basics of starting a garden, choosing the right seeds, and caring for your plants as they grow.

What is the germination rate of your seeds?

True Leaf Market ensures high-quality seeds with strong germination rates. While the exact rate can vary by seed type, they test their seeds regularly to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards. Specific germination rates for each type of seed can often be found on the product packaging or website.

How should I store my seeds if I’m not planting them right away?

Seeds should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. For longer storage, placing them in an airtight container and storing them in the refrigerator or freezer can help preserve their viability. Be sure to label your seeds with the date of purchase for future reference.

Does True Leaf Market ship internationally?

True Leaf Market primarily ships within the United States but may offer international shipping for certain products. Shipping policies and availability can vary, so it’s best to check their website or contact customer service for specific information regarding international orders.

What is Ture Leaf Market’s return policy?

True Leaf Market offers a satisfaction guarantee on their products. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, they typically allow returns within a certain period after purchase, provided the items are in their original condition. Specific details on the return policy can be found on their website or by contacting customer service.

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