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Apollo Explore Scooter

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The Apollo Explore Scooter has a 1000W motor and a large battery so you can take off on long adventures and forget about your next charging point.

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Apollo Explore Scooter: The Future of Personal Transportation

It’s the future of personal transportation. The Apollo Explore scooter is designed to meet the needs of today’s commuters and adventurers alike. With a single motor, advanced suspension system, up to 34 miles of range, up to 31 MPH speed, 52lb weight, and 265lb max load, and folding handlebars and stem, it’s no wonder why the Apollo Explore scooter has become one of the most popular personal transportation solutions on the market.

Performance You Can Count On

The Apollo Explore scooter is built for performance. Its single motor offers smooth acceleration of up to 31 MPH with minimal effort from the rider. Additionally, its long-range battery provides up to 34 miles on a single charge. This means you can go farther and longer than ever before without having to worry about stopping to recharge mid-ride. And with its lightweight design — only 52lb — you can easily transport your ride wherever you need it to go.

Ride Comfortably & Smoothly

In addition to performance features, the Apollo Explore scooter is designed for comfort as well. Its dual spring suspension system helps absorb shocks and bumps in the road while also providing stability when cornering or navigating rough terrain. Plus, its adjustable handlebars and stem are great for finding just the right fit while riding in style! Whether you’re commuting around town or exploring off-road trails, this scooter offers an enjoyable ride that won’t leave you feeling sore after a long day out on two wheels.

Our Thoughts?

The Apollo Explore scooter is revolutionizing personal transportation with its powerful motor, extended range battery, lightweight design, and comfort features. Whether you’re looking for a daily commute vehicle or an adventure partner for weekend exploration trips, this scooter can do it all! With its advanced features and reliable performance combined with stylish design elements, it’s no wonder why customers have been raving about this revolutionary new way of getting around town!


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