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Apollo City Pro 2022 Electric Scooter

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The Apollo City Electric Scooter comes with a 500W motor, weighs 57lbs, has a max range of 30 miles, and a comfortable suspension system.


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The Apollo City Pro 2022 Electric Scooter – A Revolution in Design and Performance

The Apollo City Electric Scooter is the perfect combination of design, performance, and convenience. It’s the first scooter of its kind with an IP56 water resistance rating, and it has a powerful dual motor for a top speed of 32 mph and a maximum range of 38 miles. With this electric scooter, you can take full control of your ride with turn-by-turn navigation, post-ride analytics, advanced settings, and much more! Let’s explore some features that make the electric scooter stand out from the crowd.

Powerful Dual Motor System

The Apollo City Electric Scooter is powered by a dual motor system that delivers up to 32 mph in speed and up to 38 miles in range. This makes it one of the most powerful scooters on the market today. The motor uses a regenerative throttle which recharges your battery as you ride and reduces mechanical brake use for added efficiency.

Triple Suspension System

The electric scooter also comes equipped with an advanced triple suspension system that provides double the shock absorption compared to other scooters on the market. This ensures a comfortable ride no matter how bumpy or difficult the terrain is. The suspension system also helps reduce vibration while riding so that you can stay comfortable even over long distances.

Self-Healing Tires

The Apollo City Electric Scooter is also equipped with self-healing tires. These tires are made with gel lines inside them which instantly seal any punctures they come across while riding, allowing you to keep going without having to stop for tire repair or replacement. This feature makes it easy for riders to stay safe on their journey without worrying about potential breakdowns due to tire damage.

Our Thoughts?

The Apollo City Electric Scooter is designed for those who want performance without compromise thanks to its powerful 21700 lithium battery. With its advanced design features such as IP56 water resistance rating, triple suspension system, self-healing tires, and powerful dual motor system, this electric scooter offers customers a revolution in design and performance like no other scooter available on the market today! If you’re looking for an electric scooter that can take you places quickly, comfortably, and safely then look no further than the Apollo City Electric Scooter!


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