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House of Intuition Abundance Magic Candle

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The House of Intuition Abundance Magic Candle is blended with essential oils of Orange and Cinnamon, which are known to bring good luck and prosperity. We’ve also added a touch of Vanilla to sweeten the deal. Burn this candle when you’re ready to attract more abundance into your life. Whether it’s more money, more love, or just more good vibes, this candle will help you manifest your desires.


House of Intuition Abundance Magic Candle Review

Manifest Your Desires

In the realm of spiritual tools, candles have always held a special place, especially when it comes to manifesting desires. Today, I’m excited to share my experience with the House of Intuition Abundance Magic Candle. In this review, we’ll explore how this candle isn’t just about lighting a wick; it’s a ritual for attracting what you desire most in life.

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House of Intuition Abundance Magic Candle Review
The House of Intuition Abundance Magic Candle is an excellent tool for anyone looking to enhance their manifestation efforts. It combines traditional candle magic with ethical production practices, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking to enrich their spiritual and material life.
  • Enhances focus and intention-setting practices.
  • Handmade with natural and sustainable materials.
  • Includes a crystal that serves as a physical reminder of intentions.
  • The need to snuff out the candle rather than blowing it out might be inconvenient for some.
  • Limited scent options may not appeal to everyone.

Who is House of Intuition?

House of Intuition, based in Los Angeles, CA, is renowned for its commitment to providing spiritual tools designed to empower and enlighten its users. Their products, especially candles, are handmade with sustainable materials and infused with intentions set to aid in personal transformation and manifestation.

What is the Abundance Magic Candle?

The Abundance Magic Candle by House of Intuition is designed to bring an overflow of your material and spiritual desires into your life. It’s a tool crafted to help you attract wealth, health, love, and overall prosperity through the ancient practice of candle magic. This candle is lightly scented, dressed with crystals, and made from 100% all-natural and sustainable palm wax.

How Does It Work?

Usage Instructions

Using the Abundance Magic Candle involves more than just lighting it; it requires a ritual of setting intentions. Once lit, users should focus their energy on visualizing their desired outcomes—be it financial prosperity or personal well-being. This process of active visualization is crucial as it aligns your energy with that of the candle’s.

Expert Tips

“Visualization is a powerful tool in manifestation practices. The focused energy you channel into the candle reinforces your intentions and helps bring them to life,” notes Dr. Luna Martinez, a psychologist specializing in holistic therapies.

Personal Experience

I tried the Abundance Magic Candle at the start of this year, aiming to boost my professional growth and financial stability. Each evening, I spent 10 minutes in quiet meditation, visualizing my goals as I watched the flame flicker. Not only did it help in grounding my thoughts, but the ritual also brought a sense of peace and focus to my daily routine.

Analysis and Benefits

The candle comes equipped with a crystal that emerges once the wax burns down, which can be kept as a totem of your intentions. This thoughtful touch combines physical and spiritual reminders of your goals. The use of recyclable glass and local production further adds to its appeal by supporting environmental sustainability.

Expert Endorsements

“The House of Intuition Abundance Magic Candle isn’t just a candle; it’s a comprehensive tool for anyone looking to enhance their manifestation practices,” states Maria Gonzalez, an expert in spiritual healing practices.


After using the House of Intuition Abundance Magic Candle, I can confidently say it’s a meaningful addition to any spiritual practice. Whether you’re new to candle magic or a seasoned practitioner, this candle can help you see and enhance the abundance around you. It’s a beautiful blend of intention, tradition, and mindfulness that supports both personal and environmental well-being.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Abundance Magic Candle is a beautifully crafted product that supports not only personal but also environmental abundance. It offers a tangible way to focus on your desires and manifest them into reality. The inclusion of a crystal adds a unique, personal touch that extends the magic beyond the flame. If you’re looking to bring more abundance into your life, this candle is certainly worth trying.

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