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House of Intuition Money Magic Candle

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Looking to attract more money and abundance into your life? This House of Intuition Money Magic Candle is just what you need! Made with a unique blend of herbs and essential oils, this candle is specially formulated to help you manifest your desires.


Introducing the House of Intuition Money Magic Candle! This beautiful candle has been specifically designed to help manifest your financial dreams and goals.

Made with a special blend of money-attracting herbs and essential oils, the Money Magic Candle is perfect for anyone looking to manifest more abundance and prosperity in their life. Whether you’re hoping to attract a windfall of cash, land that big promotion, or simply manifest more abundance in your day-to-day life, this potent candle can help make your dreams a reality.

To use, simply light the candle and focus on your intention. As the candle burns, visualize yourself achieving your goal. The powerful energies of the Money Magic Candle will help attract abundance and prosperity into your life.

So what are you waiting for? Make your money dreams come true with the House of Intuition Money Magic Candle!

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