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RTIC 145 QT Hard Sided Cooler

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RTIC 145 QT Hard Sided Cooler is all about extremes. It is impact resistant and durable, making it perfect for the most demanding outdoor activities. It also has excellent ice retention capabilities, so you can enjoy your drinks for long periods of time.


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RTIC 145 QT Hard-Sided Cooler – RTIC truly keeps your food & drinks colder longer than the competition. The RTIC cooler can also be used as a bench, non-slip step stool, tabletop, and extra cutting board while keeping ice, perishables, and vital supplies cold. Weight: 64 lbs.

When you’re looking for a cooler that can handle the most extreme conditions, the RTIC 145 QT is a perfect choice. Its impact-resistant construction and durable design can withstand even the roughest treatment, while its long-lasting ice retention ensures your food and drinks stay cold for hours on end. So whether you’re headed off on an adventure or just looking for a reliable way to keep your food and drinks cold, the RTIC 145 QT is the perfect solution.

Specification: RTIC 145 QT Hard Sided Cooler


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RTIC Outdoors

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