Burton Process FV Snowboard

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The Burton Process FV Snowboard is an all mountain board designed for intermediate level riders. Featuring a soft flex and a twin tip design, this board is ready to play wherever you find yourself on the mountain. The FSC certified super fly II core creates a lighter, lift-off-ready deck, while squeezebox core profiling transfers energy towards the tip and tail for snappier ollies and effortless stability. Available in two versions, choose the relaxed and floaty Flying V or precise control of camber. Softer flexing than the custom, the process is suited to the freestyle rider who wants a board that is playful and capable on all terrain.


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An Overview of the Burton Process FV Snowboard

If you’re a snowboarder looking to take your skills to the next level, then the Burton Process FV Snowboard is an excellent choice. This board has been designed with both seasoned riders and rookies in mind, allowing it to provide superior performance without sacrificing stability. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this board so special.

Design & Materials
The Burton Process FV Snowboard features an asymmetric design that is optimized for toe-side turns and heel-side turns. The board is made from lightweight but durable materials such as Biaxial glass, which helps to keep the weight down and provides strength where it’s needed most. The base of the board is constructed from sintered WFO, which provides superior grip on icy slopes.

The Burton Process FV Snowboard has been designed for all-mountain riding, meaning it is capable of performing well on a variety of terrain types. It features an aggressive camber profile that ensures responsiveness on hardpack snow while still providing enough flex for easy maneuverability. Additionally, its “Flying V” shape allows it to float more easily in powdery conditions, giving you more control when navigating deep snowdrifts.

Additional Features
The Burton Process FV Snowboard also comes equipped with several additional features that are designed to make your rides even smoother and more enjoyable. Its “Infinite Ride” technology ensures that the board retains its pop and flex no matter how many runs you take—meaning you won’t have to worry about losing performance due to regular wear and tear. Additionally, its “Frostbite Edges” provide superior grip on icy surfaces while also making it easier for you to carve into turns with ease.

Our Thoughts?

All in all, the Burton Process FV Snowboard is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable yet responsive all-mountain board that can handle any type of terrain with ease. With its lightweight construction and innovative design features, this board will help you take your riding skills up a notch while still providing superior stability no matter what kind of conditions you find yourself in. If you’re ready to take your riding game up a notch, then consider investing in this top-of-the line snowboard today!

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