Jones Women’s Hovercraft Snowboard

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All You Need To Know About the Jones Women’s Hovercraft Snowboard

The Jones Women’s Hovercraft Snowboard is a great board for an intermediate to advanced level rider. With its directional shape and progressive sidecut, the Hovercraft provides riders with a smooth and stable ride. It also features a V-Core, Traction Tech 1.0, and biax fiberglass that work together to provide superior control on any terrain. Let’s take a closer look at all of the features that make this board stand out from the competition.

Directional Shape

The Hovercraft has a directional shape which means it is designed to be ridden primarily in one direction. This allows riders to have better control when turning, as well as more stability when going downhill. Its directional flex pattern helps with responsiveness and energy transfer from edge to edge.

Blunt Nose

The Hovercraft’s blunt nose gives it extra float in powder conditions so you can easily stay on top of deep snow without getting bogged down or stuck in any steep terrain. It also helps give you extra stability when riding at high speeds as it reduces drag and prevents you from losing control in difficult conditions.

V-Core & Traction Tech 1.0

The V-Core of the Hovercraft is specifically designed to provide superior control while still giving you maximum power transmission. The Traction Tech 1.0 system works in tandem with the V-Core by allowing for increased grip on icy and hardpacked snow so you can feel confident pushing your limits on any terrain type!

Biax Fiberglass & Sintered 8000 Base

Adding to the board’s responsiveness are its biax fiberglass layers that give it added durability while still providing a good amount of flexibility for maneuverability and stability when riding at higher speeds or tackling difficult terrain. Furthermore, its sintered 8000 base ensures that you get maximum wax absorption while also providing excellent glide performance no matter what type of conditions you are riding in!

Engineered Wood Veneer & Oversized Recycled Edges

Finally, the Jones Women’s Hovercraft Snowboard features an engineered wood veneer that increases torsional stiffness while reducing overall weight for easy maneuverability. Moreover, its oversized recycled edges add extra strength without sacrificing performance or response time!

Our Thoughts?

The Jones Women’s Hovercraft Snowboard is made for intermediate-to-advanced level riders who want maximum control and performance on any terrain type – from powdery slopes to steep chutes – all with minimal effort involved! Its directional shape, traction tech 1.0 system, V-core design, biax fiberglass layers, sintered 8000 base, engineered wood veneer, oversized recycled edges, and blunt nose all work together to give riders maximum stability and responsiveness regardless of their skill level or ability! Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced snowboarder looking for an upgrade – this board will give you everything you need to tackle any challenge with confidence!

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